Water Consumption System to Grow Summer Vegetables at of Al-Qasim District

    Awad Aboud Matter
    Keywords: Water Consumption system, summer vegetables, Al-Qasim district ,


    Geographical data (both natural and human) should be studied, to achieve the goal of this research, and determine the cultivating summer vegetables in terms of cultivated areas, production and their effect on water resources. the traditional irrigation systems prevailing in the study area, and the possibility of applying modern methods of irrigation, especially the drip method suitable for irrigation of summer vegetables, reduced the traditional methods of irrigation of these crops, because it consumes large amounts of water, leads to waste of water as well as a negative impact on soil and agricultural production. As the surface irrigation system, by taking water from streams, rivers and streams directly or by pumps, and delivered to the field, despite ease, it is a primitive way of irrigation, water the vegetables by the stream method. Study the most prominent natural and human problems in vegetable cultivation, to process better production, and finally the conclusions, proposals, margins and sources which the research relied.

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