Energy Security and Energy Transition in Germany

    Maryam Ali Ibrahim ,Jassim Mohammed Musaheb
    Keywords: Germany, energy, energy technology, renewable energy, energy security, energy policy, energy transition ,


    Energy is one of the components of the national security of countries and is of particular importance to the industrialized countries, including Germany. Energy policy includes many areas and has an impact on various sectors such as the environment, climate, agriculture and others. During the past few years, Germany has witnessed many transformations, the most important of which is the energy transition towards renewable energy, and it was strengthened in the strategy that was It was developed in 2010, which aims to achieve a long-term energy transformation, and sales of the German energy technology sector have evolved from 2010 to 2020, and this issue is related on the other hand to the concept of energy security and because of its strategic importance to European countries that are characterized by the poverty of their resources in traditional energy and depend On the imports of other countries, and accordingly, these countries are trying to search for alternative sources. Germany was one of the first countries that paid attention to the energy transition in terms of its interest in building projects for energy stations with a production capacity of more than 20 megawatts.

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