Local Wisdom Pesantren as Core Value: The Of Islamic Education Rahmatan Lil'alamin; In Keeping World Peace

    Sri Minarti ,Ahmad Manshur ,Ahmad Fauzi
    Keywords: Local wisdom pesantren, Islamic education rahmatan lil alamin ,


    At the practical level, this study aims to explain the value of local wisdom of Islamic boarding schools as a moral fortress that is believed to be the basis (core belief and core values) for the realization of social behavior. The portrait of pesantren education today is faced with various problems, along with the development of a narrow religious understanding and injuring social life. Therefore, pesantren education must be able to play its role dynamically by internalizing universal values as a shifting paradigm, so that the existence of Islamic education really becomes rahmatan lil'alamin. Thus, in order to build Islamic education, this study uses social construction theory regarding the dialectic between externalization, objectivation, internalization, through externalities, how the value system is built, in accordance with social reality and becomes something that is objective (objectivation), thus giving birth to a value system (internalization). in the form of; compassion (mahabbah) togetherness (ijtima'iyyah), justice (‘adalah) and brotherhood (ukhuwah) which are the main pillars of Islamic education rahmatan lil'alamin. The internalization of the values of Islamic education rahmatan lil'alamin is expected to maintain world harmony and peace, as well as a form of social enlightenment, not the opposite of being domestication and social taming. Therefore, as an effort to build Islamic education rahmatan lil'alamin can be done through several stages, including; building an inclusive awareness by transmitting the entire socio-religious value system such as monotheism, tolerance and justice into the curriculum structure as culture domination and control; reconstructing the paradigm of Islamic education from an indoctrination to a participatory perspective; changing the ideological paradigm into a scientific one by allowing the human mind to study and develop knowledge through His guidance.

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