The Reality of Using Blended Learning Instruments by English Teachers in Teaching English and the Obstacles They Face From Their Point Of View

    Waddah Mahmmoud Al Bdour
    Keywords: reality of use, online learning tools, teachers of English ,


    The present study aimed to identify the reality of using online learning tools by teachers of English in teaching English subject and the obstacles they face from their view. The study relied on the descriptive and analytical approach. Moreover, the study population consisted of (185) teachers working in public schools in Karak Governorate. The study sample consisted of (76) male and female teachers, who were randomly selected. The results of the study showed that the availability of online learning tools came at a medium level with an arithmetic average (3.48). As for the reality of English teachers' use of online education tools, it came at a medium level with an arithmetic average (3.67). The obstacles facing teachers of English in using online education tools came at a high degree and with an arithmetic average (3.87). The study recommended the necessity of holding courses and workshops for teachers and students to enhance their use and practice of online learning and train them on the methods of their use. It also recommended the necessity of modifying English curricula to match their application through online learning tools in an interactive manner.

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