Chemical Enhancement of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants Based on Programmable Logic Controller

    HAYDER ABDUL WAHID MAHDI ,Jaber Ghaib Talib ,Hassan Farhan Rashag
    Keywords: reverse osmosis, desalinations plants, PLC, ,


    In this paper, the reverse osmosis desalination plants are more important in the life for drinking water which
    has large effect on human health. The manual operation of these plants may be causes salt water which is
    toxic to humans this is because of the body is incapable to get remove of the salt that derives from plants.
    Therefore, the kidneys generally eliminate extra salt by creating urine, nevertheless the body wants freshwater
    to dilute the salts in the body in order the kidneys are working correctly. Here, in order to enhance the
    operation of these RO plants, the programmable logic control is used to operate the plants automatically
    with high accuracy to get Healthy and drinkable water. The proposed method of this paper is applied by
    using Ladder language for PLC

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