Cloud Security Challenges and Issues

    Poonam Kumari ,Dr. Meeta Singh
    Keywords: Cloud computing, Cloud data storage, Cloud data security, Deployment models, Service models, Cloud security challenges. ,


    Cloud Computing is scalability and flexibility in cloud services and less cost provided to the cloud users by
    cloud providers. Nowadays cloud computing is the most important technology to provide the services to
    the cloud user’s at anywhere and anytime. Cloud providers provide the services to users through the
    internet. It is an interesting technology to offer the resources to cloud users. Cloud computing is on
    demand services which are accessible to computer resources and data storage through the internet
    without interaction by the user. Security has become the main hurdle to deployment of cloud computing
    so cloud security is very important today because there are many users used to cloud computing to store
    the personal data and the transition to the cloud and robust cloud security is compulsory through
    applying the security algorithm. Cloud users have to save their data and transition data and during
    upload the data on the cloud server but users cannot trust the cloud (user not sure about data security)
    due to lack of security. Data storage on cloud servers sends an unbelievable amount of circumstances
    from different communities. When securing the data on the cloud there is a need for a third party.
    Importance of third parties to avert and control unauthorized access and store the data on cloud. This
    study is dependent on all levels of services and deployment models. In this research paper discuss about
    the cloud security challenges, issues and also explain One Time Password Authentication process.

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