The effect of management by objectives on improving job performance: (An exploratory study of a sample of Iraqi international airports)

    Haider Abdzaid Khader ,Nawfal Abdul Ridha
    Keywords: Management by objectives, job performance. ,


    Through the current study, through its chapters, the two researchers aim to verify the relationship and
    impact of management with objectives as an independent variable in improving the job performance
    of tourism human resources, for a sample of Iraqi international airports, and trying to come up with a set
    of recommendations that contribute to strengthening the practice and adoption of the two variables in
    the airports under study, and based on the importance of the subject For the research community and
    because of its fundamental impact on their activities and the services they provide, the descriptive
    analytical approach was adopted as a basic method for the study and the questionnaire was used as a
    basic tool in all data and information for the study. In addition to some personal interviews, and to analyze
    the data and treat it statistically, the normal distribution test and the confirmatory factor analysis were
    adopted as a structural test to measure the validity of the approved measures, and a set of descriptive
    statistics, the Pearson simple correlation coefficient) and the structural equation modeling (Structural
    Equation Modeling) to determine the simple and multiple influence relationships. Among the variables in
    which the programs were used Statistical (SPSS V.23: Amos V.23), and several conclusions were reached
    through the study, the most prominent of which was (it was proven to attempt to employ the researched
    Iraqi airports for management by objectives, as an independent variable, which led to the outputs of
    development in the level of services provided to travelers).

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