Legal Regulation of the Right to Use the Air Public Domain: Comparative study

    Ahmed Qasim Ali
    Keywords: Legal regulation, Airplane, Airport Use King, Law. ,


    Air transport is the latest and fastest modes of transport, the most flexible and developed, and the use of
    advanced technological methods, so today air transport has become an integral part of the economy
    and is a key element for its growth and development and affects the quality of life of individuals all over
    the world, which enhances the trade exchange between countries for products, investment and services
    It works on the development of tourism and exports, linking the interior regions with one transport network
    on the one hand, and linking the state to international networks covering all continents, under which
    passengers, goods and mail are transported. The population increase, the economic growth that the
    world is witnessing, and the continuous increase in the demand for the services of this sector

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