The arbitrator and the similar a descriptive study in the Almighty’s saying (those firmly rooted in knowledge).

    Ali Nasser Hussein Alabboudi
    Keywords: Arbitrator, similar, descriptive study, well-established, science. ,


    The research of (the arbitrator and the similar) is one of the most important topics of the knowledge system
    for the sciences of the Holy Qur’an, which is abounding in jurisprudential and exegetical blogs and others.
    The scholars dealt with it with research and investigation; Because of its great importance in helping the
    interpreter to reach his goal, which is to reveal the will of God Almighty while taking a kind consideration
    (within the limits of human capacity). The Holy on Al-Muhakem and Al-Mustanhabih, but they differed
    greatly in the issue of establishing a specific idiomatic indication for these two Qur’anic documents,
    specifically in the meaning of Al-Muhakem and Al-Mustanhabih in the seventh verse of Al-Imran. ; As their
    expressions are appropriate to the context of the aforementioned verse, so the research considered them
    fixed by this note. It seems that the reason for their disagreement stems from their confusion between the
    topic of (the well-established) on the one hand, and the topic of (the arbitrator and the similar) on the
    other. It is the origin of the book, and the mother of the book, so this resemblance rises, but it rises with the
    arbitrator’s interpretation of it, and thus narrows the gap between the scholars from this life, and this
    approach is what was drawn by the expressions of the Imams of the House (peace be upon them), and
    it is fixed accordingly.

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