Extracurricular Management in Improving Student Creativity

    Ajat Rukajat ,Totoh Tauhidin Abas ,Iwan Nugraha Gusniar
    Keywords: Management, Extracurricular, Student Creativity, Soft Skill. ,


    Extracurricular activities are meant to enhance the curriculum, which is a collection of plans and
    arrangements about the objectives, content, and learning materials, as well as the techniques used to
    conduct learning activities to accomplish particular education. In reality, extracurricular activities have
    not performed as planned. Extracurricular activities have not driven student success or enhanced soft
    skills (relatively low). Extracurricular activities, on the other hand, have been linked to worse student
    success. This study's goal was to assess extracurricular activities' planning, execution, monitoring and
    evaluation, community engagement, and results. This study is descriptive and qualitative. Observation,
    interviews, and documentary studies were used to obtain data. Following the study's findings,
    extracurricular planning involves defining the sorts of extracurricular programs, student quotas,
    coordinators, timetables, and finances that align with the school's vision and purpose. The extracurricular
    activities to increase student creativity function smoothly according to the schedule. The vice principals
    are assigned to continually supervise and evaluate extracurricular activities involving educators/teachers
    of mentors. The community supports or even facilitates extracurricular activities, particularly the student
    section will satisfy all concerns from students' parents.

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