Digitally Connecting Consumers Mental Health and Behavior amid Pandemic

    Jisha Vijay ,Indu Manish Kumar
    Keywords: Panic buying; pandemic; life events; life status change; coping behavior. ,


    The covid-19 pandemic is likely to have a profound impact on mental health globally. This paper aims to
    explore the psychological perspectives that have affected consumer behavior during the life-changing
    social environment as a framework in consumer mental health research. The paper offers a history of
    consumer behavioral health studies and applications in the field of marketing, as well as an introduction
    to the theoretical and empirical framework for the study of consumer behavior in later life concerning
    consumption-related problems throughout life. A sample of 254 millennial consumers is used to test
    hypothesized relationships derived from the life course perspectives. The approach to the life course,
    designed to analyze the various facets of consumer behavior, offers a basis for filling holes in prior analysis
    to study consumer behavior over time. The author introduces a life-course concept that offers an insight
    applicable to the life-course paradigm of consumer behavior research. In the present context, it has
    already increased feelings of stress, peers, economic status has given rise to a range of digital and other
    interventions to help people cope with the “new normal”, the researchers need to illustrate how the life
    course approach might innovatively contribute to existing studies.

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