Dynamics of Interdependency between Organizations

    Yogi Yunanto ,Fendy Suhariadi ,Praptini Yulianti ,Endang Triwidyati ,Marwita Andarini ,Maya Novitasari ,Lolyka Dewi Indrasari ,Agung Mafazi ,Ahmad Dony Mutiara Bahtiar
    Keywords: Interdependence, Case Study, Non-Profit ,


    This study aims to explain how interdependence between owners occurs in Kampung Inggris Pare. When
    owners are in a partnership, a "share together" is manifested when each does not distinguish between
    "what's mine" and "what's yours". Despite the fact that each owner has their own resources, they may be
    merged together with their consent. This study is based on a qualitative inductive approach to theory
    building. To increase the quality and objectivity of qualitative research, it is necessary to maintain the
    trustworthiness of qualitative research to ensure it is not biased or subjective. To maintain the
    trustworthiness of qualitative research, four criteria need to be satisfied: credibility, transferability,
    dependability, and confirmability. The aim of this study is to discuss the interdependence between owners
    by discussing the behavior of owners to achieve profit sharing in Kampung Inggris Pare. This model
    combines the role of interpersonal interaction with the dynamics of collaboration. Throughout this study,
    the organizational structure of interdependence is used to demonstrate how interactions and
    collaboration within a more dynamic organization are linked.

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