A Conceptual Model of Localizing the SDGs: Lesson Learned from the Local Development Plan and Practice in Indonesia

    Muhamad Nur Afandi ,Endah Tri Anomsari ,Alikha Novira
    Keywords: Sustainable development goals, localizing development, development planning, implementation, soft system methodology ,


    This paper illustrates the application of Soft System Methodology (SSM) to construct a conceptual model
    of localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Localization is an important strategy in achieving
    development goals and it requires active role of sub-national governments. This research is an exploration
    of the local government’s actions to integrate SDGs into development plans and implementation, using
    the lesson learned from the Medium-Term Local Development Plan (LDP) 2016-2021 of Bandung Regency,
    Indonesia. Data were obtained through interviews, observation, literature study, and focus group
    discussions. Using SSM by
    (Checkland, 2011) as a tool of data analysis, the research resulted in a
    conceptual model which illustrates the process of localizing SDGs. The process includes 11 activities,
    including making the SDGs as one of the normative foundations in creating LDP, analyzing local interests
    and priorities, and aligning LDP and its implementation with the SDGs

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