Women's rights between Islamic law and reality: A critical legal study of society's injustice to women (Polygamy as a model)

    Nihaya Shakir Youssef
    Keywords: Freedom; Respect; Law; Women ,


    Explanation of the rights of Muslim women is one of the important issues for contemporary generations. This is because the incorrect traditional view shows Islam’s neglect of women’s affairs, and our role as researchers is to show that Islam has nothing to do with any neglect or injustice that befalls women, but rather as a result of a wrong understanding or wrong application of the teachings of Islam. We conclude from the greatness of Islam in dealing with it, guaranteeing its rights, and being moderate in its view. We differentiate between those who are ignorant of women’s rights, and those who know them and remain silent about them and are complicit in concealing them. Whoever does not know them is excused for their ignorance, but whoever knows them and is silent about them is a partner in the injustice that befalls women and the world’s view of Islam, and by his silence this serves the enemies of Islam from where he does not know. Whoever recites men, maintains over women, and remains silent as one who recites, and does not come close to prayer and remains silent The aim of the study in this paper is not to blame society; But my goal:

    First: Islam vindicates the injustice attributed to it.

    Second: Introducing both men and women to the rights of women that Islam has guaranteed for them.

    And inviting the man to give her the right that Islam guaranteed to her. Inviting women to take their rights guaranteed to them by Islam

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