Blened Learning Model-Based Local Education for Vietnamese Primary School Students

    Van-De Nguyen ,Dai-Nghia Tran ,Huy-Hoang Tran ,Trong-Nam Phan ,Trung Danh ,Hai-Ngoc Tran
    Keywords: Blended Learning, local education, paradigm, primary school student, ,


    This research aimed to examine how the teaching local education subject under Blended-Learning
    model approach in Vietnamese primary schools in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The data were
    obtained from the questionnaires completed by 100 primary school leaders and 500 teacher and 180
    students from 100 primary schools. The research results showed that the Blended Learning approach
    was successfully applied in teaching local education subject to primary students in Vietnamese primary
    schools in the Mekong Delta and the school leaders, teachers and students were generally satisfied with
    the quality of local education teaching in their schools. The study also provided several implications, for
    educational leaders and teachers in primary schools in the Mekong Delta in particular and other
    Vietnamese primary schools in general, to enhance the local education subject teaching.

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