Religions In Viet Nam and Ideologies of Ho Chi Minh on Religion Roles Construction

    PhD. Vu Van Chung ,MBA. Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy ,PhD. Nguyen Thi Hoa
    Keywords: religion in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh ideologies, religion role construction ,


    Over years the vital role of religions in Vietnam has been confirmed. Many people follow Buddhism, or
    Catholics, etc. And they have lived well and contribute positively for our economy.
    Authors therefore use observations combined with qualitative analysis including synthesis and inductive
    Moreover, President
    (Minh., 2011c) has presented ideologies on constructing roles of religions in society.
    Although limited negative aspects (few), they showed many more positive sides in religions and
    contribute to economic growth. Besides, our papers will show strengths of major religions in the nation as
    Last but not least, study mentioned (Minh., 2011c)views has emphasized roles of religions in building
    stable political system. One og positive contributions of religions is that for human and society including
    positive thinkings for human being better life, they did a good contribution job.

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