The Effect of Human Engineering on Organizational Ambidexterity

    Tamara Nabil Hadi Al-taie ,Ghani Dhhamm Al-zubaidi
    Keywords: Human Engineering, Organizational Ambidexterity. ,


    The research aims, through its chapters, to clarify the role of human engineering in organizational ambidexterity, and the research problem was embodied in a weakness in the use of human engineering programs, which was reflected on organizational ingenuity. Of the company’s employees, the main research tool was distributed to them to survey opinions about the variables investigated, 193 of them were retrieved, while the valid ones were for statistical analysis (184) views, and the questionnaire was adopted as a main tool for collecting data and information, and the search results were analyzed by relying on the statistical program (Spss V.21, Amos V.18), and the research included (2) hypotheses, and the data were processed statistically based on multiple statistical methods. The statistical analysis showed a number of results, most notably the acceptance of all alternative hypotheses and the rejection of null hypotheses, and that human engineering has achieved a direct impact on organizational ambidexterity

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