Nodal issues in the Almighty's saying (The Straight Path) Doctrinal issues in the verse (alsirat almustaqim)

    Nazmiya Karim Juma Al-Azzawi ,Jenan Hatem Nouri
    Keywords: Guidance, Monotheism, Forensic science, Mattresses of guidance, straight path ,


    The path of the people of the language in the sense of the way and the road and then is according to what is added to the straightness or the limits of the descriptions and the meaning of the verse: (Do not sit by every path)

    It is one of the characteristics of the path that extends above Hell is that it is slippery and descends on it. It has two edges, and some people fall on the Day of Resurrection. It has calipers and hooks that abduct people by the command of God.

    The guidance of the different types may be guidance and guidance of the fruit of science and truth, and guidance of the fruit of the fruit of the will of the right and work and cannot be achieved only by combining them and guidance, which is assigned by the law of Muhammad (peace be upon him), which Muslims ask God is guidance to the path of Paradise (straight path).

    The request of guidance from God is a recognition of the unity and divinity.

    In (Show us the straightway) a comprehensive university word for all kinds of guidance and what is upright in the life of man in his religion and correct his conditions As well as the guidance of the Akkawi on the day of the offer to God to cross the path, which was placed on hell

    The question of Muslims to guide the straight path is the unification of God Almighty in Godliness and divinity, where this verse contains all these meanings

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