The Relationship Between Academic Burnout Levels and Life Satisfaction of University Students During the COVID-19 Period

    Zeynep Feride Olcay `
    Keywords: occupational health and safety, COVID-19, distance education, burnout, life satisfaction ,


    The purpose of the study is to demonstrate the effect of university students’ burnout levels caused by
    the courses in the distance education system on their life satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The study’s questionnaire was administered to the second- and fourth-year students of occupational
    health and safety departments. as well as engineering faculty students who continue their education at
    various waqf (charitable foundations) universities in Istanbul. The questionnaire, in which 126 participants
    were reached, includes questions about the Socio-demographic Information Form and about the
    COVID-19 period. The ‘Maslach Burnout Inventory-Student Form’ was used to determine the burnout
    level of the students, and the ‘Life Satisfaction Scale’ was used to determine the level of life satisfaction.
    According to the results, students of different genders and ages had similar burnout perceptions and life
    satisfaction. There were differences noted based on the faculties and classes of the students. It was
    found that the exhaustion component, which is a sub-dimension of burnout, negatively predicted life

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