Eastern Philosophical Theories and MarxismLenin Philosophies in Viet Nam Society and Education

    PhD. Vu Van Chung ,MBA. Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy ,PhD. Duong Thi Ngu
    Keywords: eastern philosophies, Buddhism philosophy, Marxism-Lenin philosophies, Vietnam society ,


    Eastern philosophies esp. Buddhism philosophies has affected Vietnam society and eastern nations
    through many years. This study will hence use dialectical materialism concept combined with
    qualitative analysis including synthesis and inductive methods. Among values of Buddhism philosophies
    is that building peace instead of war for nations and human being.
    Marxism- Lenin philosophies also show progressive ideologies to construct society better. (Van der
    Walt et al., 2014)
    stated that dialectics has been considered as a model by Marx (for development
    stages), and he considered it (Dialectical materialism) as his metaphysical perspective, a framework for
    Last but not least, our study showed that
    (Engels:, 1995,) has contributed much with his dialectical
    materialism philosophy that can be applied in many sciences nowadays. And
    (Lenin:, 2005, )as a
    learner of
    (Engels:, 1995,), hence, he developed it for Russia society development and revolution.

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