A Research on the Impact of Transformational Leadership and Organizational Goals on Organizational Innovation: Centered Around the Mediation Effect of Innovative Behavior/Activities

    Sung-Hee Kim ,Hyeog Jeong ,Jeong-kyuseo ,Bum-Suk Lee
    Keywords: Organizational Goals, Innovative Behavior, Organizational Innovation, Transformational Leadership ,


    This is an empirical study that has been conducted to identify the impact of transformational leadership
    and organizational goals on organizational innovation through the mediation effect of the corporate’s
    innovative actions/behaviors. Transformational leadership and organizational goals have been set as the
    independent variables, organizational innovation has been set as the dependent variable, and
    innovative behaviors from organizational members has been set as the mediating variable. The data
    used for the analysis has been collected through a survey on the employees of the Top 50 companies
    within the metropolitan area. According to the results of the analysis, it has been shown that
    transformational leadership and organizational goals have a positive impact on organizational
    innovation. It was also proven that to achieve organizational innovation, innovative behaviors/actions
    from organizational members are essential. Organizational goals of the organization had the greatest
    impact on innovative behavior and organizational innovation

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