The Effect of Transformational Leadership on SelfEfficacy and Organizational Commitment: Focused on Moderating Effect of Gender and Position

    Hyeog Jeong ,Sung-Hee Kim ,Sang-Ok Kim ,Bum-Suk Lee
    Keywords: Transformational Leadership, Self-Efficacy, Organizational Commitment, Gender, Position, Moderation Effect ,


    The purpose of this study is to find relationship between transformational leadership and self-efficacy and
    organizational commitment and to verify a role of gender and position of organization members as
    moderators. To conduct this study, a survey of 261 office workers in the metropolitan area was
    conducted. The empirical analysis results are as follows. First, while inspiration, individual consideration,
    and intellectual stimulation leadership have a significant positive effect on both self-efficacy and
    organizational commitment, but charisma leadership does not have. Second, gender has a positive
    moderating effect between intellectual and inspiration leadership and a negative moderating effect
    between charisma leadership and self-efficacy. For organizational commitment, gender has a significant
    positive role as a moderator on inspiration leadership. Third, while there is no moderating effect of
    position on self-efficacy but there is a positive moderating effect between charisma leadership and
    organizational commitment, and a negative moderating effect on individual consideration leadership

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