Application of strategic management in the colleges of Education / University of Baghdad

    May Faisal Ahmed
    Keywords: Strategic Management, Colleges of Education ,


    A field study aimed at identifying the reality of the application of strategic management in the colleges of education/ University of Baghdad. The research adopted the descriptive analytical approach. The research community, consisting of 801 faculty teachers, has been identified. The research sample was selected in a simple random way and represented 15% of the research community, totalling 124 teaching members. A questionnaire was constructed that included (46) items divided between areas (strategic objectives, strategy planning and formulation, implementation of the strategy, and evaluation of the strategy). The honesty and consistency of the tool was verified.  The researcher analyzed the research data using SPSS. The most important results were: the overall rate of these four areas was a weighted average (2.48) and a percentage weight (82.666%), which is a sound result as regards the application of strategic management in the colleges of education/University of Baghdad, the development of an integrated strategy for strategic management and its applications, a review of the organizational structure in accordance with the college’s strategy. A number of recommendations and proposals related to research were given.

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