The Direct Reflection in the Novel of Frankenstein in Baghdad and Lord of the Flies: A Comparative Study

    Fuad Mutlib Mukhlif Hamid ,Mohammed Shakir Mahmood
    Keywords: Plato, Aristotle, George Lukacs, Marxism, Materialism, Ideology, Frankenstein in Baghdad, Lord of the flies ,


    This study attempts to focus on the theory of reflection and the origins of its ancient roots in literature, up to its pioneer, "George Lukacs", who remained faithful to his Marxist ideas with real fulfillment, that is why the man is being driven directly and obligatory by social and economic forces, as it was subdivided in the study to include the direct reflection of the author's ideology in his expression of a leading ideology by leaping above the ideas of the strata, and a direct reflection of the ideology of the society in which the author is subject to the ideology of society, in which they are affected by their realistic ideas and perceptions, hence the study of the analysis of the salient themes common to the two novels under consideration

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