Analysis of Customer Satisfaction towards Selected Telecom Service Providers in Haryana

    Ramesh C. Hooda ,Dr.Vikas Tyagi
    Keywords: Telecom sector, Haryana, Customer Satisfaction ,


    Telecom sectoris very essential in present era due to connectivity and additionally customer’s
    awareness for quality in service. Indian economy is developing and with massive subscribers creates a
    best practice for excellent service by telecom service providers in suitable manner with answerability in
    the deliverance and consequently confirms customer satisfaction. A survey analysis was conducted for
    63 customers of Haryana in India to understand their satisfaction. The results highlight attributes for
    Availability, Voice Clarity, Talk Time and Validity along with Service are superior for customer satisfaction
    level. After the survey, it was also found that customers in Haryana prefer the Brand predominantly for
    distinguishing one service provider from others with its distinctiveness and prominently with an output for
    quality service.

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