An Analysis for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction for Pre-Paid & Postpaid Category of Mobile Services in Haryana

    Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Price Fairness, Service quality, Telecom Service provider ,


    Objective of the research study is to identify critical factors responsible for customer satisfaction. After
    extensive literature review, eight factors namely service quality, signal quality, price fairness, quality of
    call center services, having retailer/service shops at many places, mobile provider keeping in touch,
    value added services (VAS) and convenience in procedure were identified which affect customer
    satisfaction. Survey questionnaire was got filled up from 200 respondents through interview. Out of 200
    Respondents, 84 % were male & 16 % were female. These respondents belonged to different age
    groups of 18-20.21-25,26 & above possessing educational qualifications as undergraduate, graduate,
    postgraduate & professional. 82.5% respondents were pre-paid & 17.5% were post-paid. As per findings
    of the study, price fairness, service quality, availability of retail/service shops at sufficient places, mobile
    Provider keeping in touch & convenience in procedure have been preferred by maximum percentage
    of respondents followed by signal quality, quality of call centre services & VAS. Factors such as having
    retail/service shops at many places, VAS & convenience in procedure have statistically significant
    relationship with age. Outcome of the study also reveal that service quality, signal quality, quality of call
    centre services & mobile provider keeping in touch have statistically significant relationship with
    educational qualifications.

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