The Magnificent Smart Tactics in Pushing Food Purchase Behavior During Pandemic in Indonesia

    Keywords: smart tactics, perception, attitude, intention to purchase. ,


    During pandemic Indonesia could achieve 7.7% economic growth which was more than other
    countries. Due to the Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS) the growth was induced by household’s
    consumption. Though many things were included in household’s consumption, the culinary business was
    supposed to be taken into account. While in pandemic era people movement was limited, how could
    the culinary business attract people to come and to buy? The study purported to explore what smart
    tactics could trigger out buyers’ interest to buy. Among some tactics, which were more effective? A
    sample consisted of 130 respondents who lived at various places in Indonesia was withdrawn through
    judgment and convenience technique. Data submitted by questionnaires, employing Likert scale,
    ranging from 1= completely disagree to 5= completely agree, and distributed through google form. An
    Amos 22.0 and SPSS 21.0 were exercised to analyze data. The finding showed that there were six smart
    tactics which could trigger out consumers’ intention to buy. The best seller menu tactic and the rising
    resto promo were powerful to draw the intention. Also, among three food application,
    i.e. Go food,
    Shoppe Food and Grab Food, Grab Food was the only one that consumers preferred.

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