The Impact of Coronavirus-Pandemic to the Employees of Oman Airline: A Case study

    Roland Getaruelas


    The main objective of this study is to investigate the impact of COVID19 pandemic to the employees in
    Oman Air company it also examines the degree of seriousness of each impact to every employee.
    Oman Air company has faced many challenges throughout this pandemic, flights were cancelled,
    financial status has stumbled, and the entire labor force were reduced. As the company reduces its
    capacity due to travel restrictions. This pandemic has brought a serious negative effect to the
    employees specifically their emotional aspect, financial, employment stability and health aspect. This
    study also explores the degree of seriousness of effect negative effect. Although Oman air company
    has been working round the clock in order to maintain the versatility of its operation. The various
    adverse effects to its employees were assess, examine and evaluate its outcome.

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