Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: The Challenges in Preparing Preservice English Language Teachers to Become Successful Educators in the Digital World

    Surattana Adipat
    Keywords: Education, Pedagogy, Preservice English language teachers, Technological pedagogical content knowledge ,


    Modern teaching emphasizes teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and usage of technology within educational contexts. Therefore, including appropriate instructional strategies in teacher-preparation programs has become essential. Technology is a crucial component in students’ lives, both within and outside the school setting. Technology integration has often been highlighted as a means of facilitating students’ understanding of complex aspects of knowledge, skills, and collaboration. The utilization of technology within the classroom context has become prevalent, particularly among teachers. However, teachers face notable challenges regarding the use of technology within classroom settings. Many studies have highlighted that a lack of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) among teachers is the most significant hindrance to students’ knowledge and skill development. The present study conducted through focus groups aimed to explore preservice teachers’ awareness of the necessity of TPACK including seven domains: content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, technology knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, technological content knowledge, technological pedagogical knowledge, and technological pedagogical content knowledge. The results indicated that the participants were aware of the necessity of developing the TPACK domains.

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