Simulation of Temperature Flow in Friction Stir Butt Welding of AA3003 and AA5052 Aluminium alloys by Using ABAQUS

    Shasikanta sahoo ,Pradeep Kumar soni
    Keywords: ABAQUS, AA3003, AA5052, Friction Stir Welding ,


    In an effort to model the friction stir welding simulation of AA3003 and AA5052 for the analysis of
    temperature flow during the process, an attempt was made to model the simulation. Widely utilised
    aluminium and alloys in a variety of industrial settings. Aluminium is replacing steel in industrial
    applications where strength to weight ratio is essential due to its low weight and high mechanical
    strength. It is possible to connect aluminium alloys by welding since the recrystallization temperature is
    considerably below that of the metal. Friction stir welded AA5052 and AA3003 alloys were studied using
    ABAQUS to simulate their thermal behaviour. Modeling and analysis of mechanical assemblies, as well
    as visualising the FEM result, are all done using it. Tool rotation speed of 1200 rpm and welding speed of
    300 mm/min both have temperature distribution and effective strain distribution issues that need to be
    addressed. A discrepancy between the thermophysical characteristics of the two distinct materials
    caused discontinuous and uneven temperature profiles in the AS, RS, upper and lower edges of the
    work components. Step times of 5 and 30 were used to evaluate the temperature profiles of the two
    materials. The mechanical characteristics of various weld zones have been compared to those of the
    base metal based on factors such as temperature and strain distribution. To better comprehend the
    simulation results, an energy vs. time graph was created for each part of the model.

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