Legal Aid on Tourism Safety: Instability in Indonesia

    Pamungkas Satya Putra ,Rani Apriani ,Bambang Sutedja ,Wahyu Utamidewi ,Afika Fahimah Gartini Puspa


    Purpose of research is to discuss pattern connection between legal aid as a constitutional right owned by every citizen and existing tourism activities. The scope of this research refers to tourism as one of the mainstay sectors of Indonesia's foreign exchange which has various types of tourism. Tourism can be seen as a large system, namely the legal, economic, socio-cultural aspects that receive the most attention in tourism development so that tourism is said to be a sector that has the potential to be developed as a source of income for areas that become tourist attractions. This research is a literature review based on the perspective of applicable legal norms and the presentation of facts in the region. The results of the study discuss that economic activity certainly does not run smoothly. Especially during the pandemic, where the role of law is important in maintaining the relationship between consumers and business actors which then raises various problems (insurance obligations, claim patterns, and legal assistance). So that legal aid can be seen as another aspect of looking at the protection of the instability of the tourism sector. Then the tourism entrepreneur's license will receive legal sanctions: Administrative and criminal sanctions.

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