Role of Malaysia TVET Teachers’ Training Institutions toward Industry and Education 4.0

    MA Aripin ,MHM Hisham ,MIZ Zainuddin ,MR Pairan ,MZA Hamid ,Samer Ali Al-Shami
    Keywords: TVET, Teachers, Industrial Revolution ,


    One of the areas that has received renewed attention in the Education 2030 agenda is the Technical
    and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and skills development. Under the TVET and skills
    development, the importance of technologies has been highlighted, whereby it has been noted that, ‘in
    addition to providing wider access to TVET, ICT has enormous potential to enable innovative pedagogy
    that makes educational experiences more authentic and relevant to workplace needs’. In order to
    ensure effective participation in the global massive technology development, the implementation of
    education according to priority directions is essential. In Malaysia, the development of hands-on things
    should be able to cope with the market need which now relies more on Information and Communication
    Technology (ICT), automation and Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, the purpose of this review is to
    investigate current strategy of Malaysian TVET teachers training institutions and to identify the drivers to
    move forward. To achieve the agenda, the strategy and understanding of the drivers became an urgent
    initiative today. It is an integral component that enables institutions to be adaptable and ready to
    ‘produce new ideas, to transform old ones, to combine and codify information into.

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