Role of Creativity in Problem Solving – A Review

    Abirami Swaminathan ,Dr. Maya Rathnasabapathy
    Keywords: Creativity, Problem-solving, Decision-making ,


    This article analyzes the features and relations between the cognitive construct’s creativity and
    problem-solving / decision-making. Literature pertaining to theoretical analysis and empirical studies on
    impact of creativity on problem-solving / decision-making are analyzed. The study also attempts to
    explore the scope for future research on the role of creativity on problem-solving / decision-making.
    Literature on empirical studies related to impact creativity on problem-solving and creativity published
    between 2010 and 2020 were used for the study. “Creativity and problem-solving”, “creativity, decisionmaking” were used as key words for searching the databases including Research Gate, PsycINFO,
    EBSCO, CrossRef, PubMed, SCOPUS and Google Scholar.

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