Ecological Ethics: Towards A Sustainable Environmental Balance in The Biosphere. Sustainable Development Goals (Sdg’s) In Perspective

    Akpezi Okiemute EDEWOR
    Keywords: Ecological Ethics, Environmental Balance, Sustainable Development Goals ,


    Ecological ethics is important in the drive to attain a sustainable and healthy environment. Ecological
    unfriendly practices are currently on the rise. This research paper is therefore targeted at ensuring
    ecological practice at all levels in the environment at personal and corporate institutions with the
    sustainable development goals in perspective. Both ecological ethics and the sustainable development
    goals are all interventions that prompt man to act responsively to protect and preserve planet earth from
    the looming danger of partial or absolute system breakdown in planet earth, considering the active role
    of man in the manipulation of nature and nature’s resources as enumerated in the five themes of
    Geography. There is therefore an urgent need to stem the tide of this damaging trend through the
    restriction of anthropogenic activities.

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