Strategy for Implementing Short-Term Milestones in Library Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Endang Fatmawati
    Keywords: change leader, library governance, innovation strategy, phasing change ,


    The purpose of the study was to describe the short-term phasing implementation strategy in Diponegoro
    University Library management during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research method was carried out with
    a descriptive approach. Data collection techniques with focus group discussions and interviews with
    stakeholders. The results of the study revealed that the Undip Library had implemented a priority plan of
    activities in short-term phases, namely from March until July 2021. The research findings can be explained
    that integrity is very important in strategic leadership. Especially to create a change leader. So the
    application of adaptive and agile leadership patterns is very much needed in library management in the
    medium and long term. This is like daring to take the initiative in activities, being responsible, and daring
    to take risks. In addition, he also dares to demonstrate the innovations that have been designed in the
    strategy to improve library management. Its implementation requires the involvement of internal and
    external stakeholders that support the success of the change strategy that has been carried out. To
    achieve the goal, a strategy is needed in the form of product output, namely the issuance of the Rector’s
    Regulation. This is to regulate and provide the rule for the implementation of all activities in the
    management of the Undip Library during the pandemic by the national standards of university libraries.

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