Inventory Management Practices and growth of Manufacturing Firms in Business Environment

    Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi ,Dr Rahul Khandelwal ,Dr Rajesh Pahurkar ,Dr Yogesh Mahajan
    Keywords: Competitive advantages: Cost reduction: Inventory Management Systems: Manufacturing Firm, RBV Theories ,


    We see inventory management practices as strategies for every manufacturing industry business strategy.
    By investigating operational and functional efficiency practices that results in better performance, the
    above study looks at the efficient inventory management practices in the form of strategies that are
    beneficial for growth. The research consisted from 220 key officials of 8 selected manufacturing
    companies in India from inventory management experts. A series of statistical methods, notably
    correlation and regression, were used to find out the association between firm growth and the IM
    practices. This research proves that good inventory management will benefit an organization's economic
    performance. Study is in the line with RBV theory.

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