Effects of Innovation Management on Green Supply Chain Management Performance within the Herbal City: Mediating by Green Practices

    Yananda Siraphatthada ,Walailuck Witkittiluck ,Santi Iamvuthipreecha ,Aroonsri Rattanatanyaporn
    Keywords: Innovation management, collaboration, ideation, implementation, value creation, green practices, green supply chain management performance, herbal city Thailand ,


    This survey study aims to identify the relationship between teacher’s pedagogical content knowledge
    (PCK), teaching styles and efficacies among primary school mathematics teachers in Larut Matang and
    Selama, Perak, Malaysia. Three types of questionnaires and one test were used for data collection. The
    sample consisted of 208 teachers, was selected using a stratified random sampling technique. Data were
    analyzed using Pearson correlation and multiple regression. Correlation analysis showed a weak positive
    relationship between teachers’ PCK level and Fractional conceptual knowledge level. Multiple regression
    analysis result showed a significant relationship between teachers’ teaching styles and PCK levels towards
    teacher’s efficacies. As implication, this study’s results can be used as a guide in planning activities
    involving teachers’ professional, so that the quality standard of mathematics teachers can be improved
    and the effectiveness of teaching can be achieved.

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