Cost Management for Firm Business Performance of Small and Micro enterprise in Thailand

    Chayanan Kerdpitak ,Bundit Pungnirund ,Sophawan Treesuwan ,Teerapong Pongpeng ,Peerawee Teppratuangtip
    Keywords: Cost Reduction, Supply chain management, SMEs, Thailand ,


    The main purpose of the study is to investigate the impact of supply chain cost reduction on the firm
    performance of SMEs in Thailand. The study has also examined the mediating role of supply chain
    management of SMEs in Thailand in the relationship between the supply chain cost reduction and firm
    performance of SMEs in Thailand. The study has employed the survey-based method and the data is
    analysed with the help of SEM-PLS. The findings of the study suggest that the More the smoothness of
    sharing information and flow of material across the supply chain, it would contribute more for financial
    performance and it is not possible by ignoring total logistic cost. The decision making in the matter of
    trading off the expenses of shipping and cost of time, holds the position of greater importance as it
    reduces the total cost like storage cost because of fast movement of the product, no matter it is a bit
    expensive, but it saves cost. Smart PLS-SEM or PLS path modeling is used for measuring inner or outer
    models. In the first step of measurement model estimation, each construct’s validity and reliability are
    observed, while in the second step, i.e., structural model estimation, regression analysis and bi-variate
    correlation analysis are analyzed. In the structural or the inner model, the effects of the relationships
    between the latent constructs are examined. The results of the study are in line with the hypothesized
    relations in the study.

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