Factors Influencing of social media and Customer relationship management (CRM) on Performance of Historical Tourism Business in Thailand

    Chayanan Kerdpitak ,Jumnian Junhasobhaga ,Tanaset Morasilpin ,Peerawee Teppratuangtip
    Keywords: Company policy, employee skills, technology, social media, CRM, tourism, business performance. ,


    The current study examined the role of various factors on social media and customer relationship
    management (CRM) in relation to the tourism business performance in Thailand. This study considered the
    historical tourism and relationship between influencing factors, social media use in tourism, CRM and
    tourism business performance to achieve the study objective. Additionally, mediating role of social media
    and CRM is also examined between influencing factors and tourism business performance. A survey was
    carried out and all the variables are measured by using primary data. It is found that; various factors such
    as company policy, employee skills and technology have importance contribution to enhance tourism
    business performance. Historical tourism can be promoted with the help of better company policy, better
    employee skills and better technology adoption. As the influencing factors has positive contribution to
    enhance social media use in tourism which lead to the tourism business performance. Furthermore,
    influencing factors has significant role to enhance CRM which increases the tourism business performance
    in Thailand.

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