Effect of Business Performance Model of Small and Medium Industries in Thailand

    Chayanan Kerdpitak ,Napassorn Kerdpitak ,Wilailuk Rakbumrung ,Nattapong Techarattanased ,Peerawee Teppratuangtip
    Keywords: Supply Chain, Operation, SMEs, Thailand ,


    The main purpose of the study is to examine the effect of supply chain management practices on the
    supply chain related performance of SMEs in Thailand. Meanwhile, the study has also examined the
    mediating role of operational performance in the relationship between supply chain management and
    supply chain related performance. For this study, 186 samples were collected from Thai manufacturing
    SMEs. A variance-based structural equation modeling approach, i.e., partial least square method was
    employed to test the research framework. Significant positive and direct impact of both OPRM and SCHP
    is found on the operational performance. On the evidence is found for the direct and significant impact
    of operational performance and supply chain performance. on organizational performance in context
    to supply chain management practices. the findings obtained in this research confirm the significant
    impact of SCM practices on the SMEs operational efficiency in context to emerging country. These
    findings can be used by the researchers to develop future studies. Important knowledge can also be
    gathered by the top managers regarding the impact of supply chain management practices on
    organizational performance

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