The Concept of Indonesian National Security System in Facing 21st Century Strategic Environment Dynamics

    B.D.O Siagian ,Anak Agung Banyu Perwita ,Rizerius Eko Hs ,Yusuf Ali ,Rachma Fitriati ,Budi Pramono
    Keywords: Concept, National Security, and National Security System ,


    Many countries are currently implementing a national security system (Siskamnas) that is integrated in a
    national security ecosystem facing threats that are already multidimensional in nature, especially after
    the second world war. This study examines the current Indonesian national security system and that should
    apply in Indonesia in the face of threats, disturbances, obstacles and challenges that are already
    multidimensional. The significance of this research is to clarify the concept of national security and the
    national security system in Indonesia, so that it is hoped that the handling of threats to national security
    can be carried out in a better and comprehensive manner. The purpose of this study is to build a
    comprehensive Indonesian national security system that can deal with the dynamics of the 21st century
    strategic environment. The research method used in this article is to use a qualitative literature review
    method by relying on literature studies and interviews. The results of the study indicate that the Indonesian
    national security system consists of national security objects consisting of 5 dimensions of national security
    and national security subjects consisting of various Ministries and Institutions that will maintain and protect
    national security objects.

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