The Utilization of Papaya Leaves as Part of Feed in Broiler Chickens

    T. D. Nova ,Sabrina ,L N. Rahmat ,F. Zulfira ,W. Oktavia
    Keywords: Broiler, papaya leaf, growth rate, performance, protein intake. ,


    The research to determine the utilization of the level of vegetables waste in feed on broiler chickens’
    production performance has been carried out in the experimental cages of Poultry Production, Faculty
    of Animal Science, Universitas Andalas, West Sumatra Province. This study used 100 heads day-old
    chickens for six weeks of class. The research design was a completely randomized design (CRD) with four
    treatments and five replications. The treatments used were: treatment A feed without papaya leaves flour
    (control), B feed with 2% papaya leaves flour, C feed with 4 % papaya leaves flour, D feed with 6% papaya
    leaves flour. The variables observed were performance of chickens, energy and protein intake, protein
    efficiency, growth rate, meat mass and income over feed cost the results showed that the addition of
    different papaya leaf flour had not significant (P >0.05) on the research. The conclusion of this research is
    that giving of papaya leaf flour in rations up to 6% can be used it can as a substitute for some broiler
    chicken feed, it does not have a negative effect on the growth of broiler chickens

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