Consumer Buying Behavior towards Oral Health Supplements in Malaysia

    Siao Hui Chang ,Sam Toong Hai ,Asokan Vasudevan ,Siti Nurbaayah Daud ,Ah Huai A. Ah Chan ,Soon Eu Hui ,Nur Azizah B. Mohamad Parij
    Keywords: consumer buying behaviour, oral health supplements, price, brand, reference group ,


    Health supplements have become an important element of staying healthy, preventing diseases, and
    improving one's overall health. This cross-sectional study will look into the consumer buying behaviour of
    Malaysians when it comes to oral health supplements. The factors of price, brand and reference group
    will be studied as the independent variables. Data is collected from 215 respondents through online
    questionnaire. The data is statistically analysed using SPSS software version 26. In this research, it is found
    that there are significant relationships between consumer buying behaviour and price (p-value = 0.000),
    brand (p-value=0.002) and reference group (p-value=0.000). Price is the dominant factor influencing
    consumer buying behaviour follows by brand and reference group. This research can help nutraceutical
    industry to further understand on factors influencing consumer and re-evaluate its marketing strategy.

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