Age as Moderator between Factors Influencing and Adoption of E-Wallet in Malaysia

    Wong Chee Hoo ,Joycelin Ooi Kah Yan ,Tan Peng Liang ,Alex Hou Hong Ng
    Keywords: Adoption of E-Payment, Age, Convenience, Security, Speed ,


    The research is aimed to examine the moderating effect on the factors that influence the adoption of eWallet among Malaysians. The moderating factor is the age, moderating on four constructs:
    Convenience, Social Influence, Security and Speed, which are the independent variables. The
    formulation of the research model is done based on UTAUT theory. A total of 418 online survey forms were
    successfully collected and analyzed. SmartPLS 3 was used for data analysis in the research. The results
    concluded that the independent variables of Convenience, Security and Speed have significant
    relationships towards the adoption of e-Wallet amongst the Malaysian public. Surprisingly, Social Influence
    has an insignificant effect on E-wallet acceptance. Age moderation on Speed and Security is significant,
    meanwhile not significant on Social Influence and Convenience. Some limitations and suggestions are
    included in this study to provide a better idea for future researchers and e-Wallet service providers to
    enhance e-Wallet adoption in Malaysia.

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