A Study on the Factors Influencing Project Success in Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing Sector in Penang, Malaysia

    Chu Kai Jing ,Ang Kee Seng ,Tan Seng Teck
    Keywords: project success, project management, critical success factor, Malaysia ,


    For the past decades, Malaysia's economic growth is heavily depending on the Electrical and Electronic
    (E&E) manufacturing sector that had contributed significantly to Malaysia's GDP, exports and
    employment. Organizations in this sector are currently introducing project-based work to identify and
    carry out the changes accordingly to ensure business longevity, and consistently meeting their business
    objectives. The objective of this study is to identify factors influencing project success in E&E
    manufacturing sector in Penang, Malaysia. This study is crucial to these organizations for them to gain
    competitive advantage and adjusting their project management methods accordingly. The proposed
    dependent variable for this study is project success whereas the proposed independent variables are
    project manager’s competency, top management support, organizational culture and communication.
    Quantitative research method was adopted in this study and the measuring instrument is a set of
    questionnaires sent to 150 respondents with project management background. The data analysis was
    performed using SPSS software. The multiple regression analysis indicated all the four independent
    variables were the significant predictors to project success. The findings if this research contribute to the
    literature gap of lacking of study in manufacturing sector pertaining to project success.

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