Driving and Restricting Factors of the Behavior Intention of the Digital Fishery Platform Adoption in New Normal: Combine UTAUT-IRT Model

    Edi Purwanto ,Rachman Sjarief ,Chaerul Anwar
    Keywords: UTAUT, IRT, Combine UTAUT-IRT, E-Fishery, Digital fishery platform. ,


    The purpose of this study was to build a Combine UTAUT-IRT Model and examine how the influence of
    UTAUT factors on behavior intention, the influence of IRT factors on innovation resistance, and how the
    influence of innovation resistance on behavior on intention to use digital fishery platforms. Data was
    collected through online distribution of questionnaires in Jakarta, Indonesia. The number of samples
    collected and used was 120 samples. The analysis technique uses SEM-PLS. The result is the performance
    expectancy, effort expectancy and social factors influence the behaviour intention to use the platform,
    but the facilitating condition do not. Value Barrier and Image Barrier influence innovation resistance to
    use the platform, but use barrier, risk barrier, and traditional barrier do not. Then, innovation resistance
    influence behaviour intention to use the platform negative and significant. The novelty of this research is
    the development of the Combine UTAUT-IRT Model and for the first time tested to investigate the intention
    to use a the platform. The results of this study can be the basis for the development of a digital fishery
    platform that can connect fishermen and end users in a peer-to-peer manner.

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