Sunan Gresik in Picture-Story: The Construction of a Myth

    Seno Gumira Ajidarma ,Retnowati Wiranto ,Ki Hadjar Dewantara ,Hari Suryamto
    Keywords: Myth, connotations, negotiation, ideological struggle. ,


    In the media of picture-story, with limited historical facts, the myth of Malik Ibrahim as Sunan Gresik creates
    in a way that would reveal the situation of Islamic culture in Java. Supported by historical backgrounds
    as the politic turmoil of Majapahit, the establishment of Gresik as an important port-city, and the
    contemporary pilgrimage tradition which originated from ancient beliefs, the picture-story represents the
    ideological struggles: while the ancient beliefs could only live in the domination of Islam, the existence of
    Islam in Java could established only in the pre-Islam way. These two sides became many, as in the real
    politic the wave of “purification” of Islam take the opportunity of the situation.

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