Understanding Customer Trust in Latex Glove Industry: Evidence from Thai Customers

    Long Kim ,Pattarawadee Maijan ,Teerasak Jindabot ,Wanamina Bostan Ali
    Keywords: Business Success, Convenience, Customer Trust, Product Quality, Path Analysis ,


    Given that trust is a critical component of business success, this research aimed to help glove businesses
    to achieve high customer trust on their products. The current research used convenience sampling to
    conduct online questionnaires with 500 respondents throughout Thailand; however, only 412 data were
    suitable for path analysis. The findings indicated that both product quality and ease had a beneficial
    effect on perceived value. Finally, perceived value influenced customer trust positively. As a result, the
    primary attitude of consumer trust was based on increasing the value of the glove product through
    improved product quality and convenience.

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