Character Values at The Banyuwangi Angklung Caruk Festival, Indonesia

    Karsono ,Ida Zulaeha ,Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi ,Wadiyo


    This article examines and analyzes the Angklung Caruk Festival in Banyuwangi Regency, Indonesia and
    the character values contained in this culture. This research used the ethnographic method. This study’s
    subjects were considered through purposive sampling and snowball sampling techniques. Data
    collection techniques in this study were participant observation techniques, in-depth interviews, and
    document studies. The data analysis technique employed in this research was the Spradley data analysis
    technique, with the stages: domain analysis, taxonomic analysis, compound analysis, and discovery of
    cultural themes. The results showed that the Angklung Caruk Festival is not only a social space, where
    there was competition for art creations between Angklung groups, but also a cultural space, where the
    music enculturation process occurred in Osing younger generation. Music enculturation happened in the
    group training process before and during the festival. The character values contained in the Angklung
    music festival comprised: (1) Trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity, marked by mutual trust between
    members, admitting mistakes they made when playing music together, and consistent hard work in
    producing traditional Osing music. (2) Treating people with respect was characterized by the artist's ability
    to filter various opinions, choose and determine opinions that did not hurt others, and accept other
    people's opinions that were different from himself. (3) Responsibility was indicated by each member of
    the group working hard to carry out their respective duties and roles. (4) Fairness was shown by
    acknowledging and respecting other people’s success and others’ work and respecting the results of the
    efforts, creations, and thoughts competed in the Angklung Caruk Festival. (5) Caring was characterized
    by promoting peace and unity in resolving disputes. (6) Good citizen was exhibited by the ability to
    recognize, understand, and practice the beauty of Indonesian music culture. This research concluded
    that the Angklung Caruk Festival has succeeded in being a catalyst for the inculcation of character
    values and the formation of a person accustomed to applying the primary skills of the 21st century.

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