Strategic Environmental Changes Analysis Through Geopolitical Approach, Foreign Diplomacy and Défense Diplomacy

    Hasto Kristiyanto ,Purnomo Yusgiantoro ,Amrulla Octavian ,Wayan Midhio
    Keywords: Diplomacy, Geopolitics, Strategic Environment, SCS and Defense ,


    The US-China dispute in the South China Sea (SCS) appears to be showing no signs of resolution, prompting
    several countries around China, including Taiwan, India, and Japan, to strengthen strategic ties with the
    US. Meanwhile, Indonesia maintains a neutral stance, refusing to take a side with either of them. This
    principle is still followed in accordance with the preamble to the 1945 Constitution, which calls for the
    establishment of a world order founded on liberty, eternal peace, and social justice. This study employs a
    qualitative method in conjunction with an estimation methodology to analyze strategic changes through
    the lens of geopolitics, foreign diplomacy, and defense diplomacy.

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